Ultimate package Using our system at $100-$200 a pick average profit the last 24 months at $10,000 a month. Includes our top picks summary hitting 60-65% winners for customers who want fewer picks. Click details for ultimate package monthly pricing.
Experts Top picks summary. All the experts top picks for the day. Fewer plays we have an averge of 5% of your bankroll per pick. 60-65% winners lifetime averaging 1-3 picks per day.
3 main experts picks Billy, Mike, and The computer. 60%-65% winners and higher lifetime Profits including $21,000 in 2 months and over $13,000 profit last month.
Sweetness our top expert Includes all sports over 200 games over 500 yearly! The best expert in the business. Newest Expert Byrd 68% winners his first year included free for 3 months!
Byrd's picks Receive a minimum of 10 picks per week. 73% winners in baseball 60-65% in football 60-65% in basekball Includes Byrd's 2 unit picks, and 1 unit picks. 3 unit picks are sold separately.
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